Introducing Recovery+  

Alex Benson | Injury Recovery

A note from CEO Alex Benson 

Incorporating Compassion and Communication into the Workers’ Compensation Claims Management Process   

Yesterday, our team announced the launch of Recovery+, a first-of-its-kind clinical coaching service that positively impacts the physical rehabilitation of injured workers. You can read more about the program in this press release and how we’re adding a layer of high-touch case-level support to Bardavon’s PT/OT Network.  

At its simplest, Recovery+ builds on the idea that increased injured worker engagement and communication creates the best possible return-to-work outcome. Since 2022, we’ve tested and piloted this hypothesis, first through acquiring PeerWell’s iOS/Android app technology, and now through a lighter-weight texting platform incorporating health coaching from Bardavon’s world-class clinical quality team.   

As we’ve refined our deployment and the overall engagement model, we’ve seen great results and real-life patient management impact. And we’re sharing this relevant patient-reported outcomes with nurse case managers to create higher-quality clinical outcomes. See what injured workers are saying about their experience with Bardavon and the Recovery+ program below:   

  • 100% are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the treating PT/OT from the Bardavon network  
  • 89% said it was “easy” or “very easy” to schedule their appointments  
  • 58% were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their workers’ compensation experience  
  • Experienced faster return-to-work by saving five (5) authorized visits through early communication between the Bardavon coach and the treating PT 
  • Preventing missed evaluations through same-day texting between the injured worker and coach   

Outcomes aside, the key finding is quite simple: by deploying trained clinicians earlier into the PT/OT scheduling process with injured workers, we can better manage the clinical, clerical, and administrative complexities of the claim. The outcomes start with happier, healthier, more empowered injured workers who are more supported (and heard) in their rehabilitation. By working “inside out” from the individual, we realize positive claim level impacts on duration, utilization, and overall claim cost.    

Today, we’re ‘live’ with ~10 customers and on a path to deploying Recovery+ to all Bardavon customers over the next 90 days. It is an exciting time, and we look forward to sharing more as our teams are out and about at RIMS, NCSI, and PRIMA in the coming weeks – say hi if you see us. 

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