Injury Recovery

A workers’ compensation solution that gets injured workers back to work sooner, better + faster

What is it?

Bardavon’s Injury Recovery Suite combines a nationwide network of more than 37,000 outpatient therapy providers with tech-enabled products and services that offers case transparency, actionable data and reporting for all stakeholders. Our suite of products informs treatment decisions, guides in-clinic and at-home recovery, and improves return-to-work outcomes.

Faster Recovery + Return-to-Work

Personalized care and an SMS, text-based coaching tool guides workers towards faster return-to-work times and keeps them healthy on the job.

Tech + Clinical Support

Our workers’ compensation software connects and informs key stakeholders along the care pathway and informs clinical teams of recovery risks to personalize treatment plans, focusing on early intervention to avoid outlier cases.

Connect + Save

Connected care—from referral to recovery—shortens case duration and lowers medical costs. With shared insights, therapy providers, employers, physicians, case managers, adjusters and workers stay informed and make better recovery decisions.

How Bardavon’s Injury
Recovery Suite works

An outcomes-based workers’ compensation platform that accelerates treatment for injured workers through personalized customer service, individualized clinical oversight and access to a national therapy network.


Quickly treat injured workers

Our workers’ compensation platform guides treatment best practices by partnering with more than 37,000 of the nation’s leading outpatient therapy providers equipped to deliver exceptional care for your injured workers. Our network covers 94% of America’s workforce.


Easy-to-use case documentation

Our team expedites scheduling and case responsiveness through strong partner relationships and by leveraging our patient management software. bNOTES® delivers key data insights near real-time to clinicians and case managers, alerting them to any recovery risks to improve return-to-work outcomes.


Leverage actionable insights

bNOTES provides actionable data to individualize care and optimize treatment protocols, reducing medical spend and claims time.


Engage directly with injured workers

With Recovery+, our experienced, in-house clinicians engage directly with injured workers through an SMS-based program to offer personalized claims support.

Who benefits?

access data that offers transparency into return-to-work times, claims costs, and outlier cases.

manage total risk and therapy spend with predicative analytics and optimized care.

receive an individualized care plan that gets them healthy and keeps them healthy.

can prioritize workload with data that guides informed decisions.

can establish a plan of care with real-time data that drives decision making and improves outcomes.

What’s your ROI?

Reduce medical expenses with an efficient care pathway and data-backed decision-making.

Save on the number of visits

Efficient, personalized therapy and our technology suite reduces the number of required visits.

Indemnity savings

Tech-empowered care improves case outcomes and the return to full-duty work.

Avoid costly cases

Reduce complications and costly outliers with data insights and earlier interventions.

Settlement savings

Closely managed care plans prove levels of function that can reduce settlement costs.

Compliment in-clinic care

Engage with injured workers between sessions to speed up recovery with Recovery+.

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