Introducing next-gen injury management with Recovery+

Engage injured workers

A trusted companion that delivers a faster, fuller recovery.

Offer Education + Activities

Weekly check-ins via SMS with a Recovery Coach provide support and accountability to the injured worker. Coaches provide personalized content including nutrition tips, mindfulness activities, exercises and more to engage the worker and improve recovery times.

Track + Measure Recovery

PRO (patient-reported outcomes) assessments track worker wellbeing and recovery through feedback on how they are feeling emotionally and physically. Information collected includes pain level, functional capacity, and biopsychosocial factors, which informs Coaches to assign relevant activities to the injured worker and provide the treating therapist with critical case insight to ensure milestones are met.

Improve Wellness

Pain management, mindfulness, and education build a strong foundation to avoid re-injury at work or at home. Workers learn tips and tricks that support their ongoing wellness past the recovery period.

A biopsychosocial approach

Recovery+ engages injured workers to collect information on biological, psychological and social factors that may be impacting their recovery. PRO assessments provide insight on biopsychosocial factors experienced by the injured worker and provide opportunities for the Recovery Coach to offer additional support. Biopsychosocial factors often seen in injured workers include:

Biological factors

  • Pain
  • Movement dysfunction

Psychological factors

  • Fear / avoidance behaviors
  • Stress + anxiety

Social factors

  • Isolation
  • Financial concerns

Equip your workers with the best recovery.

Who benefits?

Bardavon’s Recovery+ program connects the clinic, home, and workplace to benefit injured workers, providers and employers through our engaged healthcare process.

Whole-person care leads to better treatment outcomes and helps injured workers return to full capacity faster. Guidance through whole-person health practices, like nutrition and daily activities, promotes a complete recovery and a stronger foundation for return-to-work. Pain management reduces stress and limits the need for prescription pain relievers. 

Physical and occupational therapy providers gain insights into patient recovery to offer holistic care. Capturing data through PRO assessments outside the clinic allows providers to personalize care plans, gain risk insights, and get the most from in-clinic visits.

Engaging in digital health improves worker compliance with their care plan and improves return-to-work outcomes. Emphasizing patient-centric recovery expresses care about your worker’s recovery. Recovery+ provides the care team with better insight into the recovery process and can reduce the total claim cost.

Better insights into the recovery process drives objective decision-making and helps steer personalized care pathways. Increasing visibility into the injured worker’s recovery outside of in-clinic care keeps all stakeholders involved to improve care.

We’re on the workers’ side

Every injured worker in the Recovery+ program is assigned a Recovery Coach to provide support and act as a resource for the worker throughout their injury recovery. Coaches conduct weekly check-ins and provide feedback and relevant activities to complement the workers’ in-clinic physical therapy. With an open and on-going line of communication, workers can engage their coach outside of check-ins to receive continued support and guidance as needed.

The Recovery Coaches bring an array of experience to the program, with all coaches holding licensure as a PT, PTA, or OT.

Stop injuries before they happen

Protect the musculoskeletal health of your workers with our Injury Prevention Suite.

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