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Work is movement – we keep you moving forward

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Work is the product of human motion. Backs carrying the weight. Legs propelling us forward. Hands stocking, fixing, shipping and building things. While we may use technology to help us, work is and always will be done by the workers.

At Bardavon, our people serve those workers. We help them avoid injury on the job, take care of them if it happens, and get them back on their feet so they can continue moving forward.

We’re more than schedulers, case overseers, and project coordinators. We are clinical concierges, guiding injured workers through their care plan from beginning to end. Our stakeholders are our partners, and we pride ourselves on timely, professional, transparent communication to optimize each worker’s return to work.

Bardavon is always looking for ways to innovate to best protect and support workers before, during and after an injury. We’ll keep working hard so the industrial workforce can keep moving forward.

Bardavon’s ten-year retrospective

After a decade of work in the musculoskeletal (MSK) healthcare space, Bardavon has made a mark on the industry. This retrospective shows how far we have come. Still, it is only a few highlights among many.


Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC, was formed in 2013 by Matthew Condon, who served as CEO until early 2024, and continues serving on the board.


By December, Bardavon had developed an initial product and service strategy for its flagship offerings: bNOTES, XRTS, and our national network of therapy providers.


Bardavon’s first notable expansion included five accounts in four states, generating 15 monthly referrals.


Two Bardavon clients received awards for excellence in workers’ compensation and risk management by our services.


Bardavon continued to expand, totaling 30 accounts across 13 states.


Bardavon reached the milestone of 5,000 referrals across 16 states.


Bardavon’s network of therapy providers expanded its presence to include all 50 states.


Bardavon acquired Peerwell, a digital recovery app, combining accessible at-home recovery with our national network of in-clinic therapy providers. This has since transformed into an SMS, text-based program known as Recovery+.


Bardavon acquired Preventure, an Australian-based injury prevention company, offering wearable sensor technology that detects risky movement to support employers in avoiding musculoskeletal injuries.

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