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Much of America’s workforce relies on their movement health to perform their jobs each day. In many ways, the country runs on human movement. December 2023 marked the 10th anniversary of Bardavon Health Innovations in which we celebrated a decade of work dedicated to musculoskeletal (MSK) healthcare, and movement health.

This retrospective of Bardavon’s decade in business shows how far we have come, but it also renews our focus on the future. How did Bardavon grow? Where is MSK health going and how is Bardavon paving the way forward?

Foundation – 2013-2014
Bardavon was born in 2013, with strong roots in physical therapy space and a realization that there was opportunity to improve care for injured workers within the often confusing and frustrating healthcare system – specific to the workers’ compensation industry.

That became the catalyst for a passion to help connect people to better healthcare options, especially those who rely on their physical movement health to make a living.

To support this elevated service of healthcare, two pivotal products were developed: bNOTES and the Cross-Reference Testing System (XRTS). bNOTES is our clinical guidance system designed to collect data that can better inform treatment decisions. Additionally, XRTS was developed, which provides a unique work readiness program designed to ensure that an injured worker is physically ready to perform their job tasks safely.

Go-to-Market and Early Growth – 2015-2016
One of the chief goals of Bardavon was (and is) to realign the incentives that drive the workers’ compensation industry. Rather than focusing on the bottom line, bNOTES collects data that reveals the quality of care, which leads to better return-to-work. Improving treatment outcomes leads to reduced costs.

For this to work, Bardavon would need to partner with a host of therapy providers that recorded their cases in bNOTES.

And the providers showed up.

Even in the network’s early days, hundreds of clinics decided to be a part of what Bardavon was doing, allowing bNOTES to start collecting vital data.

While providers joined Bardavon’s network, this period of our history saw the first surge in client interest and interaction. Bardavon’s dream of becoming a team of data-driven doers to support injured workers and their outcomes was starting to take shape.

Three Years of Market Growth – 2017-2019
Between 2016 and 2018, the provider network grew from hundreds to thousands, increasing by more than 200%. As the network expanded, it achieved an important benchmark: presence in all 50 states. At this point, the Bardavon goal to have a positive impact on musculoskeletal healthcare in the United States was becoming a reality.

On the business side, Bardavon achieved another milestone: series B funding. Bardavon was founded with seed investors; now, other investors were taking notice and launching the company into an important growth phase.

New Horizons – 2020-2022
Like so many industries, MSK healthcare and workers’ compensation were deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the virus’ many challenges, the need for tech advancements and remote accessibility was apparent. Remote options were developed quickly to accommodate the sudden need, but since the country has opened back up, it was time to evaluate the quality of remote healthcare options that were born out of necessity.

Bardavon did just that.

In 2022, Bardavon acquired the digital recovery app PeerWell. The app provides guidance through a holistic recovery plan that includes home exercises, nutrition, and health coaching. However, while many were gravitating to digital healthcare options, we found that the provider still needed to be central to the recovery process.

The combination of Bardavon’s vast network of providers and PeerWell’s digital solution has developed into a unique hybrid, whole-person MSK healthcare experience.

Getting on the right side of injuries with prevention — 2023
Enter Preventure, an injury prevention company that joined forces with Bardavon to expand our continuum of care and protect against MSK injuries. Injury prevention through wearable technology, movement coaching, and personalized safety training allows employers to treat their workers like industrial athletes, safeguarding their musculoskeletal health throughout their careers.

Supporting the workforce on each side of an injury, we are the first company to offer a complete, end-to-end MSK solution, another innovation in the workers’ compensation space.

Looking Forward — 2024 and beyond
As Bardavon continues to develop whole-person, hybrid MSK care solutions, 2024 will be a period of continued innovation and growth. We’re always listening to our clients, the workers we serve, the providers we partner with and the industry to optimize how we apply our products and services to make the most impact.

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