April 30, 2024 | News

Bardavon Sets a New Standard for Workers’ Compensation with Launch of Recovery+ 

Tech-enabled coaching program expedites recovery and enhances return-to-work process for injured workers

OVERLAND PARK, KS (April 24, 2024)Bardavon, a leading workers’ compensation and musculoskeletal (MSK) health company, announced today the launch of Recovery+, an industry-leading health coaching platform designed to expedite recovery and enhance the return-to-work process for injured workers. 

Bridging treatment gaps and complementing in-clinic care, Recovery+ empowers injured workers by giving them a one-to-one platform to engage directly with certified clinicians, ensuring a more personalized and supportive recovery experience. It is also designed to lighten the load for client partners, payors and case administrators by efficiently triaging issues and streamlining the care management process. Recovery+ is now part of Bardavon’s PT/OT network offering actively being adopted by existing clients and available for new clients. 

Through the Recovery+ program, injured workers receive personalized text messages from a dedicated Recovery Coach assessing patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and delivering workers’ compensation and injury-specific education. This helps identify biopsychosocial factors such as pain, movement dysfunction, fear, and anxiety, enabling Recovery Coaches to offer tailored support. Bardavon’s Recovery Coaches, who are all registered physical and occupational therapists, monitor the entire case, providing clinical feedback and guidance regarding each care plan directly to the case’s adjuster, nurse case manager and therapist. Coaches send personalized weekly check-ins, at minimum, responding to clinical and administrative needs, ensuring a holistic treatment approach. The program’s two-way, text-based communications ensure a more accessible and engaging experience.  

“Recovery+ marks a new chapter in workers’ compensation that puts the focus on people by providing personalized, on-demand support for injured workers as well as streamlining the recovery process for our stakeholder partners,” said Alex Benson, CEO at Bardavon. “Recovery+ was designed to make the healing process and return-to-work journey smoother for everyone. Early case progress results show that by prioritizing our injured workers’ health and care plans, both our clients and those on the road to recovery benefit.” 

Research has shown that psychological risk factors among injured workers receiving physical therapy treatment can negatively impact the recovery process, highlighting the need for additional support for workers compensation cases. According to the Workers Compensation Research Institute, as presented at the 2024 WCRI Issues & Research Conference’s “Psychological Risk Factors and Functional Recovery” session, injured workers experiencing high-risk factors show up to a 40% lack of improvement compared to those that did not show signs of elevated risk. 

Through the introduction of the Recovery+ offering, Bardavon is working to improve the injured worker’s treatment experience, fostering a sense of care and support from their employers. Early outcomes from the Recovery+ program show a positive engagement rate within the first few weeks, surpassing industry standards for digital health solutions. 

“Cox has witnessed the transformative impact of Recovery+ on our injured workers. Beyond helping them address immediate health concerns, the platform has become an invaluable tool in navigating scheduling challenges and minimizing lost time,” said Rachel Azriel, Director of Risk Management – Claims at Cox Enterprises, Inc. “For instance, after one of our injured workers realized they were going to be late to an appointment, they were able to swiftly reschedule within 24 hours after a quick text to their Recovery Coach. The platform’s real-time communication ensures smooth coordination between our workers, coaches, and clinics, making the recovery process more seamless and effective.” 

The product release of Recovery+ coincides with a recent fundraise led by WestCap and NewRoad Capital Partners, with participation from KCRise Fund and others. The capital cements Bardavon’s commitment to the workers’ compensation industry and positions the company to best support the needs of claims managers, adjusters, nurse case managers, and most importantly injured or rehabilitating workers. 

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Bardavon is setting new standards for how injury prevention and workers’ compensation is delivered with its unique blend of high-touch, tech-enabled solutions designed to support employers in fostering musculoskeletal (MSK) health for their workforce. Providing both preventative and post-injury solutions, Bardavon’s nationwide network of physical and occupational therapists covers all 50 states and reaches 94% of America’s workforce. Bardavon offers personalized, end-to-end treatment solutions designed to help both healthy and injured employees not only recover but live healthier and move well. For more information about Bardavon and its offerings, visit www.bardavon.com.  

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