Wearable technology for workplace safety

Treat your workers like elite (industrial) athletes

Elite athletes use wearable safety technology to stay in the game. By partnering with Bardavon, you can offer your industrial athletes the same best-in-class technology. Use sports-innovated wearable devices to reduce injuries, boost employee engagement, and promote a culture of safety.

Bardavon’s wearable sensors accurately measure a worker’s movements throughout their shift. The data collected provides load scores for the shoulders, back, and lower limbs—detecting and preventing musculoskeletal injury risk. The sensors can also detect high-impact movements that could lead to slips, trips, and falls.

See risks your eyes miss

Ergonomic injury prevention traditionally involves manually watching workers for risky movements. However, not all risks are easy to see. Wearable ergonomic sensors prevent injuries by detecting high-load activities that safety professionals may miss.

Data becomes available and reviewable in a user-friendly dashboard, allowing safety professionals to easily determine:

Workers who are experiencing the most risk

Job tasks and movements causing the most strain

Opportunities for improved safety training

Benefits of Bardavon’s wearable safety technology

Wearable sensors reduce injury by measuring fatigue thresholds, implementing movement control, and highlighting muscle soreness. Our wearable safety technology empowers safety teams to easily:

Monitor load

Measure load over time and compare to international safety standards and internal company benchmarks to identify strain and reduce injury.

Detect + correct risk

Sensors collect data to compare against specific job tasks or to capture risky movements that allows safety pros to appropriately intervene.

Identify bad habits

Coach workers about optimal movement with personalized feedback to create positive change.

Communicate effectively

Ongoing communication, worker engagement and training create a positive workplace safety culture.

How our wearable safety devices works

Our wearable safety devices are two lightweight sensors that workers wear on the collar and bicep during a shift. Here’s how they work:

The sensors house measure vibrations caused by speed and acceleration, which indicate load on the shoulders, back, and lower body.

Before the shift, safety managers will establish healthy movement baselines for individual job tasks. Sensors detect risky, high-load movements.

During a shift, workers receive alerts whenever they exceed safe load levels. A phone notification or sensor vibration directly connects the alert to the risky movement.

After the shift, the worker sees their movement performance via a smartphone app.

Safety managers train workers to improve their movements using an intuitive dashboard that analyzes worker data.

Get started with workplace safety technology.

Personalize worker training with Bardavon’s wearable safety devices

Most injuries occur within the first 90 days on the job. Customize safety training for new hires with wearables as well as identify tasks that require more training and workers who need extra assistance.

Wearables notify workers of risk in real-time and provide personalized movement coaching through our prevention app, Preventure.

Improve each worker’s musculoskeletal performance and longevity at-scale.

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