Train and Retain New Hires with Wearable Safety Technology

Employees want to feel valued and know that their employer is doing its best to provide a safe work environment. Establishing a commitment to a safe workplace as soon as an offer is issued sets the right tone, right away.

Watch as Bardavon’s Scott Coleman, VP of Injury Prevention, and Maria Fossbakk, Head of Customer Success, discuss the advantages of introducing new hires to an injury prevention solution that includes the use of wearable sensors in the workplace.

After watching this webinar, you will know more about how to:

  • Easily implement the technology as it’s extremely intuitive to use and understand
  • Provide new hires with valuable insights and areas for improvement throughout onboarding and beyond
  • Record specific job tasks to establish a benchmark to compare against and leverage across your workforce
  • Qualify data and remove subjective results using wearable sensors rather than relying on traditional post-offer testing
  • Improve your safety culture by setting new standards from the data collected from safety wearables

Take your safety program, and your new hire’s experience, to the next level with wearable technology! Learn more about Bardavon’s Injury Prevention Suite.