June 6, 2024 | News

Bardavon Introduces Enhanced Preventure Wearable Sensors and App to Better Manage Musculoskeletal Health and Safety in the Workplace

New Sensors Simplify Data Collection and Lessen the Burden on the Worker 

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (June 6, 2024)Bardavon, a tech-enabled preventative and post-injury health and safety company focused on the risk management industry, today announced enhancements to its injury prevention solution, Preventure, consisting of next-generation wearable technology and a brand-new kiosk app designed to revolutionize workplace safety. Building upon its previous model, Bardavon’s evolved product improves ease of use and ergonomic safety evaluations. Data is now captured and processed directly on the sensors, streamlining data collection and creating efficiencies for employees and employers alike. According to recent data from UnitedHealthcare, musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions are the costliest for employers, impacting 1 in 2 Americans. Additionally, 75% of people affected by MSK conditions are Baby Boomers and Gen X, making up the majority of today’s workforce. Bardavon’s new sensors are designed to prevent worker MSK injuries and are equipped with haptic feedback, providing real-time prompts to workers to correct high-impact or mechanically stressful movements. This feature empowers workers to perform safe behaviors and instills confidence in their daily tasks. 

With Bardavon’s newest sensors, data collection is simplified and recorded through a direct integration with its kiosk app, eliminating the need for workers to carry cell phones while on the job. Additionally, clients receive a tablet uploaded with the kiosk app that allows employees to initiate and conclude sessions from one point of contact, excluding the dependency of constant Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, unlocking access to previously inaccessible data sets. These enhanced features help Bardavon’s customers who may have spotty or no Wi-Fi because workers are free to move throughout their facilities and capture valuable data anytime, anywhere. 

“As a company that was founded with a mission of getting injured workers back to work, we are committed to investing in innovations that help prevent worker injuries. Our evolved Preventure product is designed to simplify processes that support a safe work environment to avoid interrupting or complicating the workers daily tasks,” said Alex Benson, CEO of Bardavon. “By directly recording data, the new sensors provide real-time feedback to workers on their movements within any environment, allowing them to stay focused on performing their job safely.”   

Bardavon’s Injury Prevention Suite consists of a technology platform that uses wearable sensors, data analytics, and AI-powered smartphone training modules to level up injury prevention and return-to-work programs. With fast, remote onboarding, teams are set up to use the platform quickly and without requiring technological expertise.   

At its core, Bardavon’s injury prevention solution is designed to identify, notify, and educate both employees and employers. The sensor technology can pinpoint where a specific job task is stressful for an individual through a task assessment. When employees wear sensors for a full work shift, called a movement session, the sensors identify periods of the most physical stress during the workday. The new technology alerts employees immediately via the sensors when they are moving in a non-optimal manner. A team of Bardavon injury prevention professionals monitor data collection and notifies customers when specific trends or alerts arise. Using both the task assessment and movement session data, each employee receives tailored education.  

Bardavon’s enhanced wearable sensors and kiosk app are advancing workplace safety by introducing efficiency through improved ease of use, and results through proactive injury prevention features and valuable data insights. With these new tools, employers can proactively protect their workforce, minimize injury risks, and foster a safer, more productive work environment. 

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Bardavon is setting new standards for how injury prevention and workers’ compensation is delivered with its unique blend of high-touch, tech-enabled solutions designed to support employers in fostering musculoskeletal (MSK) health for their workforce. Providing both preventative and post-injury solutions, Bardavon’s nationwide network of physical and occupational therapists covers all 50 states and reaches 94% of America’s workforce. Bardavon offers personalized, end-to-end treatment solutions designed to help both healthy and injured employees not only recover but live healthier and move well. For more information about Bardavon and its offerings, visit www.bardavon.com.  

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