About Us

Bardavon Health Innovations® is a lot of things…

  • a next-generation specialty physical medicine network; and
  • an innovative data and analytics solution provider; and
  • a platform connecting key stakeholders who interface with your company’s Workers’ Compensation claims; and
  • a leader redefining the way value is assessed for Workers’ Compensation.

Our guiding light is inspired by Shakespeare: “…and yet words are not deeds.” 

What does this mean at Bardavon? It’s a principle ingrained into all we do. We take action instead of just saying we will take action. This passion for excellence inspires us to put the injured worker at the center of all we do every day.

Bardavon’s Provider and Payor Partners also take action. Together we focus on true return to full-duty work and provide a quality continuum of care for all injured employees treated in our Network.

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