About Us


Bardavon® is a lot of things… we are a next-generation specialty network, we are an innovative data and analytics solution provider, we are a platform to connect the services and communication of all the people that interface with your company’s healthcare claims, and we are redefining the way “value” is assessed in this new era of employee healthcare management.

“…and yet words are not deeds.” What does this mean around Bardavon? It’s an emphasis of who we are, that we take action instead of just saying we will take action. Yet it is so much more because we strive to get everyone involved to take action too. That is what Bardavon is doing with the continuum of care for injured employees. We are creating more than just the tasks to get the job done, we are fundamentally changing the “lifestyle” you create with an injured employee.

We are inspired by our passion from more than a decade changing expectations in Workers’ Compensation to develop a producing offering embedded within our culture and driven by objective outcomes to connect the employee continuum of care.

Our Vision

Empowering quality healthcare decisions through networked technology, transparency and communication.

Our Mission

To promote our culture of transparency in revolutionizing the employee continuum of care through innovative outcome driven solutions.

Our Values

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Bold
  • Fun