March 15, 2022 | News

Independent Actuarial Consulting Firm Validates Results of Bardavon’s Case Study that Shows Lower Duration of Physical Therapy Treatment after Bardavon Insights Alerts Implementation

OVERLAND PARK, KS (MARCH 15, 2022)—An independent actuarial consulting firm study finds lower duration of physical therapy treatment for both non-surgical and surgical cases after Bardavon Health Innovations’ Insights Alerts™ was implemented as part of a workers’ compensation physical therapy program for proactive claims management for a large retail employer client.

The study used Bardavon’s physical therapy data for closed cases from one large retail employer over a seven-month period, before and after implementation of the alert system. The study showed that Insights Alerts reduces duration of physical therapy treatment.

Cases were normalized for underlying risk factors using Bardavon’s Outlier Prediction Model™, which categorizes cases into low-, medium-, and high-risk categories. Bardavon’s model—a part of the Bardavon Index™—predicts the likelihood of a case becoming an outlier based on information collected during the initial evaluation. It also includes detailed information about the patient’s demographics, health history, job, and injury. Pre-implementation case averages were rebalanced to match the mix of cases in these risk categories post-implementation to ensure an equal comparison.

Key Findings

  • Reduced outlier cases by 38%, overall
  • Reduced average number of visits by 7%
  • Reduced average duration by 13%

“Bardavon is thrilled to be the proactive workers’ compensation claims leader for all our employer partners,” said Doug Dickerson, Bardavon Senior Vice President, Data Science and Analytics. “But even better is the knowledge that injured workers benefit from these very real and validated results. The more Bardavon can positively impact the lives of American workers, the better.”

Bardavon Insights Alerts delivers customized recommended case actions that are integrated directly into the client’s claims management system. Recommended actions are developed collaboratively between Bardavon and the client. Insights Alerts proactively identify the cases that need specific claims management attention, collaboration, and communication so that the client can drive the best functional outcome for the injured worker. Ultimately, applying Insights Alerts improves workers’ compensation outcomes.

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About Bardavon Health Innovations

Bardavon is a proactive workers’ compensation and MSK digital health partner that connects all stakeholders to better manage physical therapy cases. We offer injury prevention, treatment, and work readiness solutions through our national network of therapy providers. Bardavon shares a holistic analysis of the case so that Americans can achieve quality return to work and return to life outcomes so they can move freely and live fully. We treat people right.™