November 9, 2023 | News

Bardavon Joins National Safety Council TechHub Marketplace

Bardavon Health Innovations, Nov.6, 2023 – Bardavon today announced it will be featured in the TechHub Marketplace, a new searchable online directory created by the National Safety Council to streamline the process for companies seeking technology providers best suited to address their unique safety risks. Any company interested in adopting safety technology can browse the NSC (National Safety Council) TechHub Marketplace. 

Each partner company has their own listing page, and all listings are easily filterable based on technology type, hazards they address, use-applications, and more. The site also contains insights from partners and sponsors, including white papers and webinars, on the latest research and developments in the field.

“At NSC, we often work directly with companies to identify technologies that would reduce risk in their workplaces,” said Emily Whitcomb, director of innovation at the National Safety Council. “With the TechHub Marketplace, NSC can now take employers through the next logical step and offer technology provider options. This is a game changer in our process to save lives.”

Bardavon’s Injury Prevention Suite combines wearable safety technology with real-time haptic alerts and movement coaching to prevent musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace. Through wearable technology sensors, tech-enabled training, and task assessments, Bardavon reduces injuries and promotes greater workplace safety.

“We’re excited to join NSC’s TechHub Marketplace as a location to connect safety-minded employers and payers to innovative technology to help workers avoid injury,” said Dorothy Riviere, Bardavon’s chief clinical officer. “Through Bardavon’s Injury Prevention Suite, we are bringing technology, formerly reserved for professional athletes, to workers and employers who have manual work to predict and avoid musculoskeletal injuries. Workers and safety teams can now identify and change unsafe movement behaviors in near-real time.”

To learn more, visit the TechHub Marketplace at

About Bardavon

Bardavon partners with employers to support their employees’ musculoskeletal health with preventative and post-injury solutions offered at work, in the clinic, and at home. Bardavon differentiates itself from the digital-only players through a holistic hybrid approach bolstered by a nationwide network of 35,000 physical and occupational therapists. With a special focus on the manual laborer—an often-forgotten subset—Bardavon helps healthy and injured employees live well and move well with personalized, end-to-end treatment solutions. Learn more about Bardavon at

About the National Safety Council

NSC is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate – and has been for 110 years. As a mission-based organization, we work to eliminate the leading causes of preventable death and injury, focusing our efforts on the workplace, roadway, and impairment. We create a culture of safety to not only keep people safer at work but also beyond the workplace so they can live their fullest lives.