February 28, 2023 | News

Bardavon Health Innovations Offering First-of-its-Kind Safety Intelligence Suite to Protect the Labor Workforce

Bardavon has acquired the injury prevention company, Preventure, to expand its service line focused on personalized solutions that protect against musculoskeletal injuries.

OVERLAND PARK, KS, March 1, 2023  Bardavon Health Innovations is furthering their mission of supporting the health and mobility of every worker – everywhere, by launching a complete Safety Intelligence Suite for employers and insurers. By expanding Bardavon’s continuum of care to cover injury prevention in the workplace, employers can now take advantage of a complete, end-to-end musculoskeletal solution.

Over the last 10 years, an average of 30.1% of all injury types involving days away from work in the private sector have been musculoskeletal-related. With a technology-enabled and human-powered Safety Intelligence Suite, Bardavon will be able to help decrease MSD injury rates in the labor workforce by offering personalized injury prevention at scale. Proprietary technology, like wearable sensors and data-backed dashboards, combined with digital interventions and human movement coaching, allows Bardavon to offer the most comprehensive injury prevention and return-to-work solutions on the market.

Bardavon’s Safety Intelligence Suite offers the following capabilities:

  • Custom injury prevention solutions that are adaptive and tailored to each workplace, individual worker, specific injury risk, and job.
  • Scalable safety programs that inform safety protocols with real-time, decision-making data derived from worker engagement.
  • An AI movement coach, digital and human interventions, and daily, app-based preventative exercise and holistic programming to keep workers healthy.
  • A clinically-integrated solution that leverages engagement data to determine appropriate injury rehabilitation protocols for improved return-to-work times.

“We started this company to deliver the best science, the best processes, and the best overall health experience for the active workforce because they deserve better. It is exciting for us to trailblaze into the preventative space,” said Matt Condon, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Bardavon Health Innovations. “By combining our innovative injury prevention technology with hybrid musculoskeletal recovery, the industrial athletes we serve benefit from top-of-the-line prevention solutions that were formerly reserved for professional athletes and the elite.”

Scott Coleman, CEO and founder of Preventure explains, “Historically, injury prevention solutions were designed without any accurate and valid data supporting them. The data collected from workers wearing sensors is really valuable at identifying which specific tasks have a high injury risk, and which individual workers have a higher injury risk throughout their shift compared to their co-workers. However, we’re finding that there’s a need to follow up the risk identification data with specific action items to help to reduce the injury risks. With Bardavon’s health coaches, critical interventions, and preventative digital programming, we can reduce injuries and offer continued guidance for employees and employers.”

Coleman adds, “It may sound simple, but this opportunity marks the first coming together to really coordinate on behalf of the employee and solve a very complex, and siloed arena of healthcare.”

About Bardavon Health Innovations

Bardavon partners with employers to support their employees’ musculoskeletal health with both preventative and post-injury solutions offered at work, in the clinic, and at home. Bardavon differentiates itself from the digital-only players through a holistic hybrid approach, bolstered by a nationwide network of 30,000 physical and occupational therapists. With a special focus on the manual laborer—an often-forgotten subset—Bardavon helps healthy and injured employees live well and move well with personalized, end-to-end treatment solutions. Learn more at www.bardavon.com.

About Preventure

Preventure is a technology platform using wearable sensors, data analytics, and AI-powered smartphone training modules to level up injury prevention and return-to-work programs. With fast, remote onboarding, teams are set up to use Preventure without delay and cumbersome onboarding. Leveraging technology and programming formerly reserved for professional athletes, and designed in partnership with the Australian government, leading universities, and worker unions, Preventure is validated and adopted by thousands of employees worldwide.

Learn more at preventure.live.