September 21, 2023 | News

Bardavon and SteadPoint Insurance Announce Partnership to Improve Healthcare Access

OVERLAND PARK, KS, September 9, 2023 — Bardavon, a company specializing in workplace injury prevention and recovery, and SteadPoint Insurance, a Birmingham-based insurance carrier specializing in safety and workers’ compensation, have announced a new partnership to improve preventative healthcare access for our hardest workers. The partnership will enable SteadPoint to offer its clients comprehensive, proactive solutions and get ahead of injuries with Bardavon’s Injury Prevention Suite of products.

The partnership will leverage SteadPoint’s workers’ compensation insurance expertise to provide Bardavon’s injury prevention solutions to their clients. Bardavon’s Injury Prevention Suite provides tech-enabled insights into injury risk and movement coaching. Tech and human interventions prevent injuries from ever occurring, similar to what sports clinicians use to improve athlete performance and musculoskeletal longevity.

Bardavon’s Injury Prevention Suite utilizes sensors that capture movement risk, alerting workers in real time and recording data to be reviewed by safety officers and movement coaches later. Sensors are comfortable and unobtrusive to the worker, and getting the injury prevention program up and running is simple. The intuitive app and dashboards provide all the information a safety professional needs to protect high-risk workers.

SteadPoint now has access to Bardavon’s injury prevention technology, which further enhances their ability to offer high-quality service to their network.

“We are excited to partner with SteadPoint to help protect the health of industrial athletes by using cutting-edge ergonomic technology,” said Eric Xiao, General Manager of Injury Prevention. “SteadPoint’s commitment to innovation and excellence in workplace safety makes our partnership an ideal match.”

“SteadPoint is proud to further our commitment to Safety Services through Bardavon’s innovative technical options that will only further our insured’s ability to prevent injuries and maintain a safe workplace,” said Chaz Bryan, SteadPoint’s President and CEO. Everette Borg, Director of Safety, followed this up by saying, “Companies who have a strong priority for Injury-Free cultures aggressively implement effective hazard identification methodologies. Manual inspection is excellent for many observable hazards, but now SteadPoint can offer measurable hazard identification AND demonstrate reduction in risk.”

The partnership between Bardavon and SteadPoint Insurance is expected to be a significant step towards injury prevention for workplaces and industries across the globe. The two companies are committed to treating our industrial athletes with the best injury prevention tech and human care possible, benefiting all stakeholders.

About Bardavon

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About Steadpoint

SteadPoint is a monoline program offering A+ rated workers’ compensation coverage across a broad spectrum of markets. With a core footprint focused in the southeast, SteadPoint is nationally capable of offering coverage, excluding New York and Monopolistic states. With a focus on experience, SteadPoint seeks to offer agents a simple solution to providing their clients with a workers’ compensation product that will add value to their portfolio. 

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