Grocer Case Study

Grocer Case Study

Grocer Used Job Analyses and Post-Offer Employment Testing to Realize 6-Figure Reduction in Total Cost of All Workers’ Compensation Injuries


Outcome: 49% reduction in total cost per employee over five years


A rapidly growing Midwest-based grocery chain, opening new locations and hiring a significant number of employees, was experiencing a 7-figure total workers’ compensation spend.


A significant contributor to the stores’ high workers’ compensation costs were first-year associate strains in lifting injuries. With the implementation of formal Job Analyses (JAs) and Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET) programs. These programs ensured that associates who were hired were placed in positions where they were physically capable of performing the associated job functions.


After implementing JAs and POETs, the client experienced a 6-figure reduction in workers’ compensation spend and a significant reduction in injures. Over a five-year timeframe, the total cost per employee continued to decline by 49%.