Beware: Aggressive Durable Medical Equipment Sales Tactics on the Rise


Bardavon employer clients have notified us of a concerning trend in the Workers’ Compensation industry. They report that various durable medical equipment (DME) companies are using aggressive sales tactics to push therapy providers into utilizing their services, even to the extent of providing them with script pads.

The implication is that once the equipment is approved by the physician, the therapy providers will then order the DME from these companies. Therapy providers should know that ordering DME is outside the scope of a physical or occupational therapist license.

As your valued Workers’ Compensation partner, Bardavon reminds our network providers and potential provider partners to stay alert. Network providers should disengage with DME companies that are utilizing these unethical business practices to up-sell equipment.

If you feel that a DME would be beneficial to a specific Workers’ Compensation patient, please discuss it with the treating physician and adjuster/case manager on the file.

Please contact Bardavon’s clinical support team at [email protected], if you have questions or concerns. Bardavon is here to support you.