The Cross-Reference Testing System® (XRTS®)

Clarify and Verify

XRTS brings a higher level of objectivity to increase accuracy of functional measures resulting in efficient claims management.

Most Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) products provide information regarding the capabilities of those being tested. However, the quality of the FCE is based on the accuracy of their results.

The XRTS system provides accurate measures of function through an unparalleled assessment of effort the validity of effort during testing.

XRTS Hand Strength Assessment

Assess hand strength validity of effort through distraction-based testing, measuring maximal voluntary effort. This assessment is 100% specific, 99% sensitive, resulting in 99.5% accuracy.

XRTS Material Handling Assessment

Utilizing unmarked weights, an innovative lever arm and repeated measures, the material handling assessment ensures results are accurate. This assessment has been measured with 100% specificity.

Certification Training

Bardavon offers training certification for clinics that adopt XRTS.

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Main Principles of XRTS

Standardized Analysis

A statistically-based analysis of the variation within and between the repeated measures is applied to the physical performance data the same way for each test. XRTS criteria standards are 100% specific. This means no participant should test positive for feigned weakness when a full effort is given.

Repeated Measures

The XRTS Hand Strength Assessment and the XRTS Material Handling Assessment use repeated measures to classify validity of effort.

Distraction-Based Testing

Both the Effort Assessment and FCE protocols incorporate the concept of “distraction-based testing” to maximize accuracy.

Benefits of XRTS

There are three primary differentiators that separate XRTS from other FCEs.

Legally Defensible

The XRTS equipment provides quantifiable, objective data that accurately measures function, which can be legally defended.


Evaluator bias is removed through the use of equipment that identifies behavioral issues that can influence functional measures.

Improve Efficiencies

XRTS allows providers and referral sources to more effectively manage claims and facilitating an appropriate return-to-work.

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