Insights: Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Bardavon® Insights: Data Analytics

We will gather, interpret and present analysis of your workers’ compensation claim data and physical medicine provider clinical data at your fingertips.

Bardavon Insights provides data-driven transparency for all constituents in the workers’ compensation ecosystem. Whether you’re an employer who wants customized dashboards that allow you to track and monitor your workers’ compensation program, or a physical medicine provider who wants detailed analysis on the patients within your care, Bardavon Insights offers the tools you need to gather current and relevant information to optimize the continuum of care.

Visualizing the Revolution

    • Consistent Data Tracking.
    • Extensive Customized Data Points.
    • Actionable Operational Reports.
    • Marketing Data That Drives Business.
    • Allows You to Become a Data Resource in Your Marketplace.


    • Immediate access to current workers’ compensation data.
    • Customized dashboards for tracking only the information important to you.
    • Tie metrics in with current safety programs.
    • Track trends (claims by job, claims per employee, etc.).
    • Review and analyze financial metrics (total cost, cost per employee, etc.).
    • Diagnose leading causes of workers’ compensation claims.

Physical Medicine Providers

    • Compare your performance (outcomes-based) to other providers in your clinic, area, and across the nation.
    • View aggregated information about your patients broken down by body part, occupation, etc. over time.

Physical Medicine Provider Organization Managers

    • Oversee the performance (outcomes-based) of your company, area, clinic and individual therapists using outcomes-based metrics.
    • View aggregated information broken down by provider, clinic and area over time.

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