bNOTES is a clinical intelligence, data and documentation system built by providers to help document the unique aspects of a Workers’ Compensation case and claim. The bNOTES system collects rich, clinical data while guiding clinicians through the documentation requirements for Workers’ Compensation.

Referral Sources

  • Improved case communication
  • Concise documents focused toward the job
  • Transparent outcomes for patients


  • Allows employer to incorporate Job Analysis into plan of care
  • Increased success with return-to-work recommendations

Therapy Providers

  • Efficient access to all involved with the case
  • Access to Job Analysis (JA) or Self-Perceived Job Demands


  • Focused team working efficiently together on return-to-work
  • Exercises designed toward successful return-to-work
  • Effective documentation of true work capability


bNOTES Connect enables Raintree System’s 25,000+ providers to seamlessly provide quality healthcare to patients on Bardavon’s groundbreaking bNOTES platform.

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Employers and payors receive your documentation from bNOTES, allowing for quick rehabilitation team-driven decisions.

Through our job matching application and your clear communication to the physician of the injured worker's current functional abilities, a progressive return-to-work integration can now be established.

Our bNOTES application is free to use. We provide regular updates and support at no charge to you.

We utilize our bNOTES technology to create a level playing field to identify best in class providers in their marketplace.

bNOTES training is online and accessible within the application.