Elevate Your Workers’ Compensation Expectations

Bardavon Combines Claims and Clinical Data for Superior Functional Outcomes

Your company’s employees are your most valuable assets.

Bardavon Health Innovations supports your Workers’ Compensation program in getting injured workers back to full-duty.

We put a face on every patient and engage them in the therapy process. They are never just a number or a body part.

The Bardavon Quality Provider Network achieves superior functional outcomes to achieve work readiness. This is our focus, not cost containment.

But do you want to know the amazing part?

When we focus on the injured worker and let our Clinicians do what they do best, you actually achieve lower average total cost per claim. And we can prove it.

How Do We Do This?

It’s the data that makes the difference.

With over 1 million bNOTES® and counting, Bardavon sees what other Networks can’t.

We combine claims and clinical data to determine which Providers get better functional outcomes and we show you how they get there clinically.

Then we share this information with everyone involved in the claim.

So What Does This Mean For You?

  • Patients treated by Clinicians who know Workers’ Compensation best practices.
  • Co-morbidities, behavior, and confounding factors are tracked.
  • Treatment plans are customized to optimize number of visits.
  • Patients achieve work readiness quicker.
  • Data is entered in a system designed for Workers’ Compensation and delivered to key stakeholders on-demand.

    Ready to reduce your highest cost Workers’ Compensation claims?

    Download this detailed case study now.

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