Join The Bardavon® Network

Join The Bardavon® Network

A partnership that helps you grow your Workers’ Compensation business.

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Bardavon® Benefits


Be part of our growing nationwide network of specialty physical therapist and occupational medical providers.


We promote near real-time communications between the therapist, the adjuster, the case manager and the employer. This allows everyone to share insight into the patient’s case.

Our Team

We have industry leaders everywhere, constantly challenging and pushing our ability to make change.


At its core, bNOTES represents the first ever truly scalable measuring stick to compare provider outcomes.
    • Saves time and money by streamlining the provider process.
    • Reduces litigation risk through consistent and detailed patient records.
    • Designed specifically for workers’ compensation and eliminates additional information required for commercial and Medicare compliance.
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XRTS® Effort Assessment®

At its core, XRTS represents the first truly objective tool for categorizing effort during functional performance testing.
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Quality Data Analytics

Through combined national data from all providers in the Bardavon Network, your value can now be proven to the employer and payor.

Cloud-Based System

Our physical therapy documentation system is cloud based, which means all you need is an Internet connection to use it. Need to work from home? No problem, just log in.

Your Resource Partner

Bardavon has over a decade of experience driving innovation in the workers’ compensation industry. We are here to support your practice and partner with your clinicians.

Empowering You

Bardavon understands your importance in the return to work process and encourages communication with our integrated systems. Your voice matters at Bardavon!

bNOTES® Documentation System

Connecting Product & Process

Employers and Payors now have a window directly to your documentation allowing quick, rehabilitation team driven decisions.

Return to Work Integrations

Through our job matching application and your clear communication to the physician of the injured worker’s current functional abilities, a progressive return to work integration can now be established.


Our bNOTES application is free to use. We provide regular updates and support at no charge to you.

Game Changer

We utilize our bNOTES technology to create a level playing field to identify best in class providers in their marketplace.

Training Provided

bNOTES training is online and accessible within the application.

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