Bardavon Health Innovations’ Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Because this is a rapidly evolving situation, Bardavon will continue to monitor and communicate as needed. We ask that you reach out to us as your situation changes. This will help us coordinate referrals and best serve the injured workers.

Provider Partners

As our trusted quality Provider Partner, our aim is to work alongside you in providing the best care to injured workers while also taking appropriate precautions.

To better serve all our Partners, please use the form on this page to let Bardavon know:

  • If you will be closing any clinics; please identify specific clinic closure(s).
  • How long you anticipate your clinic(s) will be closed.
  • If you are currently utilizing telehealth physical therapy or have telehealth physical therapy capabilities, please let us know the states where you are licensed.

Payor Partners

Bardavon understands your employees are your greatest asset and top priority. We are working with our Quality Provider Network to watch the situation and take appropriate measures to protect your injured associates. Their ongoing treatment and referrals are our top concern.


Bardavon knows this is an uncertain time for you and we want to ensure your health remains our top priority. We understand that you may be unable to attend treatment, may feel uneasy about leaving home for a while, or may need to speak with one of us. Please use the form on this page with any questions or concerns. Bardavon will continue to communicate as needed during this rapidly evolving situation.

Coronavirus Updates

Providers: please fill out this form to let us know if you are:

  • Closing a clinic
  • Modifying hours of operation
  • Utilizing telehealth physical therapy
  • Seeking shelter-in-place guidelines
  • Interested in addressing COVID-19 topics in an article, blog, etc.

Patients: please fill out this form to let us if you need to:

  • Cancel an appointment
  • Reschedule an appointment
  • Talk with a Bardavon team member

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Telerehabilitation is a service that allows a Provider to conduct a therapy session with an injured worker remotely, using two-way video and voice connection.