Announcements and Recognition

Panel Discussion: Do Workers’ Compensation networks care about providers or profits?


Insights from our recent panel discussion featuring a California provider, iPTCA President and Bardavon CEO Matt Condon

On October 8, Matt Condon, CEO of Bardavon Health Innovations, was joined by Paul Gaspar, president of the independent Physical Therapists of California who represents approximately 400 Physical and Occupational Therapists, and Sean McKeown, MS, PT, Director Mission Valley Facility and Regional Director of Operations, at Physical Rehabilitation Network LLC. 

Evidence in Motion: Clinical Podcast with Matt Condon

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Matt Condon, Bardavon Founder and CEO, was excited to participate in a podcast with Evidence in Motion founders Dr. John Childs and Dr. Mark Shepherd. The brief discussion focused on how Bardavon is providing employers clinical data to help them manage their Workers’ Compensation program and why fee for performance provides value for the industry. It also highlighted how Bardavon is supporting its National Network of Physical Medicine Providers in gathering clinical data that can be shared with employers.

Recent Study Shows Better Outcomes Achieved with Early Initiation of Physical Therapy


The Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) recently published a study that showed better outcomes were associated with early initiation of physical therapy (PT) for injured workers with low back pain.

Bardavon Named As One of Kansas City’s Top VC-Backed Companies in 2020


Startland News has named Bardavon as one of Kansas City’s Top VC-Backed Companies for 2020. This list is based on two-year average annual revenue growth rate, capital raised, number of employees and longevity.

Thanks Bardavon team members, leadership, and investors for persevering through recent uncertainties to continue Bardavon’s success. You are driving our mission to change the Workers’ Compensation Industry.

Bardavon Named as One of Kansas City Business Journal’s 2020 Best Places to Work

Team Bardavon

Bardavon is thrilled to be named as one of Kansas City Business Journal’s 2020 Best Places to Work! Thank you to all our team members who are passionate about their work and fulfilling Bardavon’s mission of transforming Workers’ Compensation. These team members have created an outstanding workplace environment and are deserving of all the credit for this recognition.

Leveraging Data Science to Better Manage Individual Workers’ Compensation Claims

Graphic Case Complexity
Case Complexity

All Workers’ Compensation claims are not created equal. There are numerous factors that determine the complexity of a claim. Understanding the complexity of a claim is critical to understanding how to manage the claim. The complexity of the claim should guide the continuum of care for the injured worker, determine the amount of money to reserve, inform utilization audits, determine if a nurse case manager should be assigned, and more. 

Kansas City Business Journal Recognizes Tom Jantsch as One of Their 2020 CFO of the Year Honorees

Tom Jantsch

We are honored that the Kansas City Business Journal recognized Tom Jantsch, Bardavon Chief Financial Officer, as one of their 2020 CFO of the Year honorees!

Risk & Insurance Magazine: COVID-19 Sparked a Technology Surge in WC … And Shined a Light on Even Greater Risk

Tech and Workers' Compensation

For those unable to attend the 2020 CLM Workers Compensation and Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality Conference, you can read Risk & Insurance’s recap of the panel discussion on an increase in the use of technology in this article: “COVID-19 Sparked a Technology Surge in WC … And Shined a Light on Even Greater Risk” with Bardavon Chief Clinical Officer, Dorothy Riviere.

The article shares the panelists’ views on how technology specifically is changing the landscape of the Workers’ Compensation Industry.

Riviere states, “In our space, in healthcare, these technologies are coming more and more (evident) every day, with wearables, motion capture, and the integration of technology into the medical and rehabilitation environment.”

With the massive increase in technology usage, Riviere explains that the data interpretation must be meaningful and determine if an injured worker is healed to return to work. Without interpretation, the data is meaningless.

Interested in learning how Bardavon leverages technology, big data through bNOTES®, and Workers’ Compensation best practices to better manage claims and increase functional outcomes? Email to learn more.

MedCity News: “Physical therapy can create a path for reduced opioid use”


The Bardavon team works daily to fulfill our promise to improve the quality of healthcare by creating an ethos of transparency that revolutionizes the continuum of care for Workers’ Compensation patients. We believe the more injured workers that don’t start on opioids in the first place, the better. We believe the best plan of care may be conservative therapies from the outset.

In a contributed article for MedCity News, Bardavon Clinical Consultant Francis Stenek writes, “Opioid abuse is a widely recognized public health crisis in the United States and the detrimental effects are wide-ranging and severe. Individuals in pain, especially chronic pain, are more likely to use opioids.

“Physical Therapy (PT) can create a path for reduced opioid use. PT has been shown to be effective at controlling pain and decreasing opioid use by increasing muscular strength through therapeutic exercise. Studies have shown that there is a direct association between increased muscular strength and decreased pain. Similarly, and equally important, exercise can decrease an individual’s perception of pain.”

We hope you will take a few short minutes to read in detail how PT can create a path to reduced opioid use in Francis’ piece on MedCity News.

If you are a Physical or Occupational Therapist who would like to learn more about the Bardavon National Network, or if you are responsible for the health and wellness of your employees and want to learn more about Bardavon’s programs to return workers to full-duty safely and effectively after a Workers’ Compensation injury, please contact us to start the conversation.