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Bardavon Recognized as One of Tech Tribune’s 2020 Best Tech Startups in Kansas

Cornfield in Kansas

Bardavon is honored to be recognized for a second year in a row as one of The Tech Tribune’s 2020 Best Startups in Kansas!

“This recognition by The Tech Tribune confirms that Bardavon team members do amazing work. Our unique technology platform provides objective data transparently to our clients, and delivers quality patient-centered outcomes. I am privileged to work with an outstanding team,” said Matt Condon, Bardavon Founder and CEO.

The Tech Tribune, powered by crunchbase, offers latest technology industry trends and news around the world. The recognized technology startups were based on The Tech Tribunes research utilizing these metrics:

  • Revenue potential
  • Leadership team
  • Brand/product traction
  • Competitive landscape

Bardavon continues to push boundaries and broadening our scope in the Workers’ Compensation industry in 2020. View the complete list here.

Bardavon Health Innovations Announces Telerehabilitation Solution

Telerehab Solution

The healthcare landscape is changing on a daily basis as a result of COVID-19, but our commitment to you, our Partner, and to quality healthcare and outcomes remains unwavering.  

As your trusted Partner, we want to empower you with a telerehabilitation (telerehab) solution that allows you to continue to deliver quality therapy to your patients in this time of uncertainty and beyond.  

Bardavon Named to Forbes’ America’s Best Startup Employers for 2020


Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC is honored to be named in Forbes’ America’s Best Startup Employers for 2020.

According to Forbes, “Companies in the startup world are marked by differences in culture, revenue growth, diversity, core competency, and customer acquisition. Despite these differences, the quality of person hired tends to be the chief concern, both for thoughtful employers as well as enthusiastic employees.”

“It is truly an honor for Bardavon to be named by Forbes as one of the Best Startups for Employers, 2020. This was a surprise to us. However, we unapologetically expect that Bardavon will continue to be recognized as a national market force for evolving and improving healthcare. Because of our unique mission to optimize outcomes by focusing on clinical data and disintermediating the claims process through technology and transparency, we have been able to recruit some of the best talent in the country to the Bardavon team. Undoubtedly, this recognition by Forbes is a result of those efforts,” said Matt Condon, CEO. “Professionally, I am humbled. Personally, I am thankful to all Bardavon team members, and their families and supporters, for giving me an opportunity to work alongside them as we continue to build Bardavon into one of the most important companies in healthcare.”

Bardavon is excited to be the only Kansas company listed and one of three Kansas City-based employers, including Fishtech Group and BacklotCars.

Companies were selected for this recognition based on the following methodology:

  • Employee Satisfaction: research on average length of employment and online employer reviews
  • Employer Reputation: company-specific information algorithmically extracted from social media channels like news sites, micro-blogs, blogs, and social networks
  • Company Growth: comprehensive evaluations of website traffic, headcount growth rates, and industry-referenced job openings

Companies also had to be headquartered in the U.S. and founded between 2010 and 2017 to be considered. The final list recognizes the top 500 companies out of 2,500 qualified companies based on over 7 million data points.

You can view the full ranking here.

Bardavon Expands Business Development Team

Tammy Boyd, Bethany Howe, and Tom Roberts

Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC is excited to announce the addition of Tammy Boyd, Bethany Howe, and Tom Roberts as Vice President of Business Development. Each will be responsible for identifying and closing business development opportunities and driving revenue growth by forming meaningful relationships with new clients. They will lead and coordinate all sales efforts with internal Bardavon departments.

“We are excited for Tammy, Bethany, and Tom to join the Bardavon team,” said Matt Condon, CEO. “Each brings a passion for reaching new partners that will be key to our expansion in 2020. We know their expertise working with healthcare providers and risk managers will carry us forward as we look to capture new business opportunities.”

Bardavon is committed to expanding our client relationships for 2020 and beyond by demonstrating our superior data analysis that illustrates clinical quality assessments on functional improvement outcomes, documentation that identifies the treating clinician to all stakeholders for maximum transparency, and ensuring employees are ready to return to full duty.

“I am thrilled to welcome our newest Bardavon team members, Bethany, Tom and Tammy,” said Josie Sanctis, Senior Vice President, Business Development. “They bring years of industry experience and brand recognition, pushing our momentum and mission forward.”

Bardavon Health Innovations is an industry-leading, data analytics company focused on redefining Workers’ Compensation. Bardavon’s mission is to promote a culture of transparency in revolutionizing the employee continuum of care through innovative, quality outcome driven solutions.

Bardavon® Hires New Chief Marketing Officer

James Rogers

Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC is excited to announce the addition of James Rogers as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). James, a seasoned marketing expert, was most recently Vice President Product Marketing and Management at DigitalGlobe, a leader in Geospatial Information based in Denver.

As CMO at Bardavon, James will be tasked with driving the overall go-to-market strategy for Bardavon. This includes leadership responsibilities for marketing, corporate strategy, strategic partnerships and alliances, product management, and product marketing.

“James is a respected, data-driven go-to-market expert who has consistently proven his ability to drive scale and growth programs, and build strong, high-performing teams,” stated Bardavon founder and CEO, Mathew Condon. “His go-to-market expertise and successes map perfectly to our business development goals, and he’s going to be an invaluable addition to Bardavon as we enter the next chapter of our business”

“I am excited to be joining a company committed to revolutionizing the Workers’ Compensation industry through its focus on data-driven quality outcomes,” said James. “Bardavon offers exciting new opportunities to develop business strategies, incubate new business models, negotiate strategic partnerships, and lead marketing efforts to change Workers’ Compensation for the better.”

James has been at the forefront of leading software, data, and geospatial companies for more than 20 years. He’s spent the past four years driving go-to-market growth for the commercial line of business at DigitalGlobe leading their Global Commercial Product Management, Product Marketing, Marketing, and Information Partner Program. He is recognized for his expertise in building high-profile strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies to address new markets and drive incremental revenue.

Bardavon Health Innovations is an industry-leading, data analytics company focused on redefining Workers’ Compensation. Bardavon’s mission is to promote a culture of transparency in revolutionizing the employee continuum of care through innovative, quality outcome driven solutions.

Bardavon® Announces New Chief Clinical Officer

Dorothy Riviere

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – At the very heart of Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC, is a laser focus on the collection and analysis of quality clinical data for Workers’ Compensation patients. This data is collected when Providers use bNOTES, Bardavon’s proprietary cloud-based software. The analysis and use of this data by our Provider Partners and Payor Partners impacts Bardavon’s mission to revolutionize the Workers’ Compensation marketplace. To reach this goal, Bardavon is excited to announce Dorothy Riviere’s promotion to the newly created position of Chief Clinical Officer (CCO).

“The creation of this role advances Bardavon’s mission of revolutionizing the Workers’ Compensation industry. Dorothy draws on over 20 years of personal experience treating patients, gathering and analyzing data and using clinical quality best practices to change patient outcomes. This background makes Dorothy uniquely qualified to fill this new role,” stated Bardavon founder and CEO, Matthew Condon.

“Bardavon’s vision is to empower our Provider Partners in delivering quality healthcare through technology, transparency and communication. Clinical insight and innovation are the foundation of how we execute on this vision,” conveyed Dorothy. “My ability to bring a clinical perspective helps our team to focus on ensuring each patient receives a superior care experience.”

Prior to this promotion, Dorothy was the Senior Vice President of Business Services and managed the Clinical Consulting team. Prior to joining Bardavon, Dorothy served as the Director of Organizational Development for ARC Physical Therapy+, one of the largest physical therapy clinics in the Midwest. She is a Certified Chronic Pain Specialist, a Certified McKenzie Diagnosis and Treatment Provider, a Fellow of Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute, a Certified Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Professional, a Certified Post Offer Employment Testing Specialist, and a Level 2 TRX provider.

Bardavon Health Innovations is an industry-leading, data analytics company focused on redefining Workers’ Compensation. Bardavon’s mission is to promote a culture of transparency in revolutionizing the employee continuum of care through innovative, quality outcome-driven solutions.

Bardavon CEO Condon: New Partnership Accelerates ‘Rocket Ship of Growth’

Matt Condon

Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC announced a partnership with Raintree Systems Inc. to connect the Overland Park-based health data company’s workers’ compensation payment platform to more than 25,000 providers nationwide.

Startup Hustle: Health Tech Startups

Health Tech Startups IG

Workplace injuries can be overwhelming and painful for both the employer and employee. It can’t be avoided 100% of the time and when injuries happen, it is uncertain when an employee can go back to work or how long the treatment could last.

This uncertainty can lead to a lot of stress on both sides. In this episode of the Startup Hustle podcast, the Matts are joined by the CEO and founder of Bardavon Health Innovations, Matt Condon.

Condon talks about his journey to starting Bardavon and how they use data to determine a patient’s status when they will heal from their injury.

This tech firm was formed to provide innovative, clinically-based solutions for employers to identify and connect with the best medical practices in the marketplace.

Listen to this episode and learn how the healthcare tech community embraces Bardavon. Get more exciting startup episodes on Startup Hustle’s YouTube channel.