Hustle and Passion: Brandon Rooney

Brandon Rooney

Here at Bardavon, we like to celebrate what we call “Hustle and Passion”. Each month, employees nominate a fellow employee who went above and beyond Bardavon’s mission, vision, and values. The winner is recognized at our monthly “patio chat” meeting.

This month’s winner is Brandon Rooney, one of our Referral Coordinators. Brandon has been with Bardavon since January. Here is what the nomination said:

“Though I don’t work directly with him often, Brandon has proven to me time and again that he is more than deserving of the ‘Hustle and Passion’ award. Anytime I go to him with a question or issue, he goes above and beyond to help me out and get the information I am looking for. Matt has said that he wants Bardavon to be known for customer service and we are off to great start with Brandon on the front lines.”

Brandon shared his thoughts on winning. “As I reflect on winning the ‘Hustle and Passion’ award, two words stand out in my mind: appreciation and motivation. I started working for Bardavon Health Innovations in January 2018, and every week I’ve experienced an environment of hard work, dedication, fun, and encouragement. Looking around the room during our company’s monthly chat, I know I’m looking at individuals who are working every day to promote this environment and push forward Bardavon’s mission. Many of these individuals are more than deserving of the ‘Hustle & Passion’ award and being recognized for their efforts toward making Bardavon successful. Knowing this, I have nothing but the deepest appreciation for not only winning the award, but also to have even been considered and nominated for it. This recognition and appreciation fosters additional motivation for me to continue putting my best efforts into the part I play in making Bardavon successful.”

Congratulations to Brandon for all his hard work.

We also want to give a shout-out to our runners-up: Leslie Quillen (scrum master in R&D) and Taylor Ediger (program manager in business services).

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