Hustle & Passion: Angie Kormanec

Angie Kormanec

Here at Bardavon, we like to celebrate what we call “Hustle and Passion”. Each month, employees nominate a fellow employee who went above and beyond Bardavon’s mission, vision, and values. The winner is recognized at our monthly “patio chat” meeting.

This month’s winner is Angie Kormanec. Here is what the nomination said:

“Angie continues to demonstrate excellent customer service, customer collaboration and leadership in complex client situations. She is willing to not only take on talking to doctors to ensure a client and injured worker gets the care they need, but also to ensure that the entire care team is aware of what is going on. Recently, with one of Bardavon’s most important clients, she was asked to get cases reviewed, help the client understand what needed to be done, and figure out how Bardavon can impact outlier cases moving forward. Not a small request! Angie immediately began assembling a team of people including her manager, clinical consulting, audit, and provider relations team to begin the task and kept the client updated all along the way. This required the entire team to collaborate, communicate, build a new review process, and get the information back to the client in a timely fashion. Angie accomplished all of this with efficiency and grace. When then asked by the client to handle the recommendations which were presented by Bardavon in the cases, she took that task on as well even though it required a significant measure of delicacy with the adjusters, medical doctors, therapy providers, and nurse case managers assigned to the case. She was able to again accomplish everything requested efficiently and in a manner which brought together different internal and external team members to create the outcome for the injured worker requested. At the end of the day, Bardavon stands for quality of care and putting a face on each injured worker. Angie has done this since day one in ensuring our clients and each injured worker is taken care of while managing complex situations and many moving parts. She does so with a great attitude and an initiative to solve the problem regardless of what comes her way. She is a wonderful asset to Bardavon and its clients.”

Angie shared her thoughts on winning. “Many of Bardavon’s employees have and will receive the Hustle and Passion award as well for WE all strive to follow Matt’s passion to change Healthcare. Bardavon is led with a vision of compassion for the patient and a drive to make a difference in their lives. I am glad to be a part of this journey, and it is an honor to be recognized.”

Congratulations, Angie! Thank you for all your hard work.

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