How bNOTES® Helps PTs


For anyone treating a workers’ compensation patient, having access to comparable information is a game changer for moving patient care forward. Our bNOTES note stands out from the crowd by adding in heavily requested features from adjusters, providers, physicians and employers.

Here are a few ways that bNOTES helps PTs to treat their patients.

  1. Current Work Status – Quickly know if the patient is on or off work duty and job restrictions.
  2. Essential Job Demands – Job Analysis (JA) information, association to Physical Demand Categories (PDC) and self-perceived job demands create the return to work expectations
  3. Attendance – How many visits has the patient been to, canceled or no-showed available at your fingertips.
  4. Side-By-Side Objective Evaluation – Compare and measure progress side-by-side from evaluation to re-eval. No need to pull or review previous note history. It’s all at your fingertips.
  5. Assessment & Goals – Hear directly from the therapist, using objective information to report clinical and return to work progress.
  6. Plan of Care Updates and Recommendations – Clinicians justify their recommendations for continued care and goal outcomes based on available data.
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