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Telerehabilitation: Things to Consider When Choosing a Platform


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has forced many therapy Providers to be creative with their practice strategy and rapidly adapt to new models of care delivery. The use of technology to communicate with patients through telerehabilitation (telerehab) during this crisis is one method to maintain contact with patients, keep them engaged in their treatment plans, and progress toward recovery and goal-attainment, while adhering to public health mandates.

MedCity News: “Physical therapy can create a path for reduced opioid use”


The Bardavon team works daily to fulfill our promise to improve the quality of healthcare by creating an ethos of transparency that revolutionizes the continuum of care for Workers’ Compensation patients. We believe the more injured workers that don’t start on opioids in the first place, the better. We believe the best plan of care may be conservative therapies from the outset.

In a contributed article for MedCity News, Bardavon Clinical Consultant Francis Stenek writes, “Opioid abuse is a widely recognized public health crisis in the United States and the detrimental effects are wide-ranging and severe. Individuals in pain, especially chronic pain, are more likely to use opioids.

“Physical Therapy (PT) can create a path for reduced opioid use. PT has been shown to be effective at controlling pain and decreasing opioid use by increasing muscular strength through therapeutic exercise. Studies have shown that there is a direct association between increased muscular strength and decreased pain. Similarly, and equally important, exercise can decrease an individual’s perception of pain.”

We hope you will take a few short minutes to read in detail how PT can create a path to reduced opioid use in Francis’ piece on MedCity News.

If you are a Physical or Occupational Therapist who would like to learn more about the Bardavon National Network, or if you are responsible for the health and wellness of your employees and want to learn more about Bardavon’s programs to return workers to full-duty safely and effectively after a Workers’ Compensation injury, please contact us to start the conversation.

Bardavon Welcomes FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers – Chicago to the Premier Partner Program

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OVERLAND PARK, KS – Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC is excited to announce that FYZICAL® Therapy & Balance Centers – Chicago, has joined Bardavon’s Premier Partner program. Bardavon and FYZICAL – Chicago, share a common goal to leverage technology, analytics, and clinical best practices that enables and quantifies the best possible outcomes for Workers’ Compensation patients.

The Premier Partner program affords Bardavon Providers access to a wide array of benefits. First and foremost is the ability for Providers to leverage Bardavon’s clinical guidance system, bNOTES®, for documentation of all their Workers’ Compensation claims. bNOTES provides Premier Partners fast, consistent electronic claims processing, while lowering administrative costs. This program further strengthens Bardavon’s relationship with our national Provider Network and allows Bardavon and Premier Partners to realize our mission to deliver quality healthcare outcomes, as opposed to simply focusing on utilization and cost containment.

“We are committed to treating all our Workers’ Compensation patients using bNOTES documentation. We believe the consistency in documentation that provides our customers the information they need, along with the analytics of our performance, is a game changer for our business,” said David Dowdy, VP Operations at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers – Chicago. “We see Bardavon as a true partner with us, bringing administrative support, data and analytics, and co-branded marketing tools to the table. It’s a win-win-win.”

As a Premier Partner, FYZICAL – Chicago, is empowered to pair their expert clinicians with Bardavon’s best practices clinical guidance system to achieve quality functional outcomes for all their Workers’ Compensation patients.

“We commend FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers – Chicago, for taking this step with us as we transform the Workers’ Compensation industry. We know the Premier Partner program will benefit FYZICAL’s bottom line, and it allows Bardavon and our Partners to realize the dream of bringing transparency to all stakeholders within a complex and convoluted industry,” said Matt Condon, Bardavon CEO. “But ultimately, it is America’s Workers’ Compensation patients who benefit most. We invite all Bardavon Provider Partners to join the movement and go Premier.”

A growing number of Provider Partners are signing up for the Premier Partner program. For more information about how you can join the Bardavon Network or becoming a Premier Partner Provider email

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers – Chicago is a leader in the health and wellness space, providing private practices with business systems, operational support, clinical education, and proprietary technology and protocols. FYZICAL is actively changing the healthcare landscape by providing patients with wellness programs and clinical care in: Fall Prevention, Orthopedic and Vestibular Rehabilitation.

Bardavon Announces Premier Partner Program

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OVERLAND PARK, KS—Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC is excited to launch a Premier Partner program that further supports its Quality Provider Partner Network in offering quality healthcare that delivers the best possible outcomes for all their Workers’ Compensation patients.

Bardavon Announces Deferred Surgery Program


OVERLAND PARK, KS – Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC, is excited to announce the Bardavon Deferred Surgery Program to prehabilitate (prehab) injured workers waiting for surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Telerehabilitation Benefits and BlueJay Mobile Health

Dorothy Riviere, Chief Clinical Officer of Bardavon, details an overview of our telerehabilitation (telerehab) program, as well as our technology alliance with BlueJay Mobile Health. She talks about the benefits of telerehab, as a way to complement in-clinic care both during this crisis and in the future. 

Bardavon Announces Therapy Services Pathway to Optimize Treatment

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OVERLAND PARK, KS—Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC, announces our Therapy Services Pathway to optimize treatment for injured workers during this pandemic and beyond. Our Therapy Services Pathway ensures patients are placed on the proper treatment approach given their unique situation, whether in-clinic, telerehabilitation (telerehab), or blended.

CDC Safety Practices for Essential Business Workers


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) released guidelines and safety practices for essential business workers that have or potentially will be exposed to COVID-19.

Bardavon Health Innovations and BlueJay Mobile Health Sign Technology Alliance for Telerehabilitation Solution

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OVERLAND PARK, KS—Bardavon Health Innovations, LLC, and BlueJay Mobile Health are pleased to announce their plan to offer BlueJay’s telerehabilitation (telerehab) platform, including BlueJay Telehealth and BlueJay Engage, to Bardavon’s National Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy (PT/OT) Provider Network.